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PVC Vendo offers a great opportunity for you to invest in your own business working in a profitable industry  
Why invest in a PVC Vendo franchise?

PVC Vendo offers professional vehicle washing services to the commercial haulage sector. Our business model has been developed over 40 years, during which we have built a great reputation and delivered many national contracts, all of which provides a solid foundation for new franchisees to start and grow their own businesses.


British Franchise Association

In addition, PVC Vendo is an affiliate member of the British Franchise Association, which is a well-respected industry body that promotes ethical franchising practices. This means that PVC Vendo adheres to a set of standards and best practices that have been established to ensure the success of franchisees and protect their interests.

Profitable franchise

When it comes to profitability, PVC Vendo has a strong track record of generating high returns on investment. With a focus on delivering exceptional commercial vehicle cleaning, outstanding customer service, and innovative technology, PVC Vendo has built a loyal customer base and established a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy vehicle washing provider

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PVC Vendo franchise facts
  • Number of franchisees: 24 (at October 2022)

  • Number of territories sold: 33

  • Number of territories available: 15

UK Transport Industry facts
  • According to the Road Haulage Association, in 2021 the haulage industry was worth £124Bn GVA to the UK economy.

  • The sector is the UK’s fifth-largest employer

  • 98% of all food, agricultural, consumer products and machinery in Great Britain are transported by road freight

  • There are 493,600 commercial vehicles of over 3.5 tonnes registered in the UK

Over 40 years of experience


Being part of PVC Vendo gives you all the benefits of being self-employed but with the support of an experienced franchisor, beside you all the way.


We have been operating since 1981 so are experts in our field, and we have a solid network of existing franchisees that have been with us for many years.


We even boast six father-and-son teams, and many businesses handed down from father to son, which should tell you a lot about the success and profitability of the business (read more about that here).

The PVC Vendo franchise opportunity

Owning a PVC Vendo franchise allows you to run a commercial vehicle cleaning business in your exclusive territory, servicing the profitable haulage sector.


What do our franchisees do?

Our franchisees visit commercial vehicle depots to power wash vehicles for companies that have a minimum of five commercial vehicles in their fleet. If they choose, they can also offer an optional interior cab cleaning and tachograph analysis service.


Hands on or hands off?

A PVC Vendo franchise can be run as a ‘man in a van’ operation or as a management franchise.

PVC Vendo was founded

Crowned ‘Franchisor of The Year’ – British Franchise Association

Became an affiliate member of the British Franchise Association

Awarded Continuous Improvement Award at the Best Franchise Awards and gained Safe Contractors status


PVC Vendo launched as a franchise

Bought by Taylor Made Franchising

Celebrated 40th anniversary

The PVC Vendo Franchise Package

The total start-up cost for a PVC Vendo franchise is £17,500 +VAT.  This investment covers everything you need to launch and grow your business.  We can also help you to obtain up to 75% funding for your franchise.

Your franchise comes with:


  • Experienced head office support (41 years)

  • Supportive existing network

  • Financial planning support

  • Comprehensive training

  • Local business launch

  • Factored invoices

  • Comprehensive business insurance for one year

  • Bookkeeping support and systems

  • Deposit for asset finance on a fully liveried van

  • Bespoke software - ProWash

  • Marketing support including a dedicated web page, leaflet production, promotional collateral, follow-up telephone calls

  • National marketing support (contracts)

  • Initial supply of cleaning products, materials, tools, equipment, and protective clothing

  • Great resale potential

Franchisee Success Story
2. Mark Stafford and his father Mike Stafford.jpg

L to R: Father and son, Mike and Mark Stafford.  Mike Stafford bought his first PVC Vendo franchise territory in 1998. Son Mark Stafford bought his first territory in 2016, and in 2019 bought his father’s territories on his retirement, which he still runs today.

Is your PVC Vendo business profitable? What are your biggest overheads? How do you get paid?

I’m delighted to say that my business is extremely profitable. I turned over £240,000 last year and expect that to grow in 2023. Not bad for washing lorries.

It helps that a PVC Vendo franchise’s overheads are very low. Our only real costs are our fuel and cleaning products. We don’t even pay for water, we simply plug into the client’s water system at their site or depot.

One huge benefit of a PVC Vendo franchise, over many others I’ve seen, is that there is no waiting time to be paid.  Our invoices are dealt with by the franchisor, meaning we get paid our total turnover 16 days after we’ve submitted our end-of-month figures.  Yes, we pay slightly more in MSF because of it, but when you think that you don’t have to chase invoices or worry about non-payment, it’s worth the extra.

Is your franchisor at PVC Vendo supportive and if so, how do they support you and your business? Do you feel you can communicate honestly and openly with them? Are there forums for communication with them?

Our franchisor is very good at communicating with us and bringing the franchisees together for regular regional and annual meetings.

They have also started doing anonymous satisfaction surveys through a company called WorkBuzz; they ask us what we think about every aspect of being a franchisee and we can answer as honestly as we like. The great thing about PVC Vendo is that they listen and act on our responses. That’s such a good feeling and makes us feel heard. Equally, if I had an issue I’d have no problem going straight to head office to discuss it. There’s a very open-door policy.

Who do you think suits being a PVC franchisee? What are the key skills needed?

People often think washing vans is physically very demanding but it’s not so you don’t need to be super fit, although you will be working for eight hours a day, six days a week. So, I’d say you need stamina over strength.

You also need to be able to self-motivate, have the drive to accept the challenge and get out there and advertise your business and find those early contracts. It helps that our head office has a marketing team who find us national contracts which is very helpful and usually very profitable too.


Obviously, as you are running your own business you also need to be good at talking to people and building a good rapport with your customers.

What advice would you give to a friend who was thinking of buying a PVC Vendo franchise?

I would strongly encourage them to do it. From my experience, it has been highly profitable, and I really enjoy the work. I also love the flexibility it gives me. If I need to attend an appointment or do something with my family, I can. That kind of flexibility can not be underestimated and I’ve been lucky enough to build my PVC Vendo around my family life and commitments which really suits me.

Read more of this interview here

Investing in a PVC Vendo franchise can be a smart choice for entrepreneurs looking for a proven business model, a trusted franchisor with decades of experience in the industry, and a profitable opportunity with a strong track record of success.


For more information, or to attend a Discovery Day, please download a brochure or contact Alan McLean on 07450 940 312

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